What is Dual Nationality?

Dual nationality / citizenship involves the simultaneous holding of more than one citizenship or nationality. Nationality is a legal term and refers to the rights and responsibilities that become attached to people by virtue of their having been born as, or having become, recognized or certified members of a state community

Kenya Dual Nationality

Given the recent passing of the Kenya Citizenship & Immigration Act 2011, many people now qualify as Citizens of Kenya, either for the first time or as a dual citizen of Kenya and another country.

The following pages provide some guidance on obtaining / regaining Citizenship of Kenya based on the category you qualify under.

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August 29th 2012 6:28am

Update: Please note that a number of forms & their numbers changes following The Kenya Gazette Supplement 63 of 15th June 2012

As soon as the new forms are available, we will upload them to the site
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